Birdsong Creative Hero Image

Core Values


  • We zig. We zag. We rock. What we do takes heart and we’ve got lots of it.


  • From the word “GO!”, we jump in with both feet and big brains .

Deliver Amazing.

  • All. The. Time.

Create Repeatable Happiness.

  • It’s all we want for our clients. A smile on your face means mission accomplished for us.

Our Leadership

Troy Birdsong - CEO

Class Clown

When our staff says, “our boss is such a clown,” they’re not lying - Troy actually WAS a professional clown with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in the 1980s, before clowns got scary. We think that should be his next branding challenge: a massive re-branding for clowns around the world.

Troy Birdsong

CEO and Chief Innovator
Toni Birdsong - Birdsong Creative

Bacon Vegan

Toni has been a vegan since July 2017 but refuses to give up bacon bits and feta on her salads so the vegan community has shunned her. Netflix documentary coming soon.

Toni Birdsong

Content Strategist