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1. Listen & Study. Before you jump in, listen to the texture of the conversation going on. Study other Twitter streams of people you admire. Note the thoughtful mix of useful information, links and original content.

2. Be Kind. Sure, you feel like saying “duh,” several times a day, but try to refrain. Imagine you’ve walked into a business mixer. Don’t embarrass yourself or others by being condescending or strutting your stuff.

3. Don’t be a Twitter Cop. Allow newbies learning curves. Don’t tweet-spank people who are bumping around or not hip to the lingo. No one likes a know-it-all and in the land of social networking NO ONE knows it all.

4. Keep it Clean. There’s nothing worse than getting hit with the F bomb in your Twitter stream before you’ve had your first cup of coffee – or any time for that matter. Cursing is jarring, telling and can permanently severe a relationship. And, it’s just rude.

5. Don’t DM prematurely. Take your time and build trust within Twitter relationships. Don’t ask to Skype, call or meet with someone you don’t have an established relationship with. It will only annoy them and could shut the door permanently.

6. Don’t Overshare. No one cares about the woes of your irritable bowel syndrome or that the Tex Mex you had for lunch continues to surprise you. Really. They don’t. I promise. So stop it.

7. Don’t Overpromote. It’s cool to give a shout out to your clients from time to time but if you over do it, it won’t take long for your followers to start to yawn. They will figure out you are either void of any original thought, a chronic brown noser or part of the paid noise that is creeping into the Twittershpere.

8. Share. Loosen your grip and share your knowledge. Trust that sharing great content will result in great opportunities.

9. Attribute Content. Always, always, always credit re-tweets and attribute quotes. Twitterverse is a small world and tweeters are savvy to pirates. Argh!

10. Help a Brother Out. If you agree with the cause, RT community events, non-profits, fundraisers and philanthropic causes.

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