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New Hope Academy is a non-profit school with an economically, racially, and culturally diverse student body. Its mission is to create a school that honors excellent education, spiritual transformation, and racial reconciliation and prepares each student for a life of service.

New Hope’s unique mission as a school was not reflected in its logo, copy, web presence, or overall branding. As it looked to the future and toward expansion and growth, it was becoming clear that donors and potential parents were not aware of the school’s mission of hope and racial reconciliation.

New Hope Academy interior spreads

We dove into the New Hope story, the vision and the communication challenges. We designed a logo, branding palette and inspirational voice that reflected the mission behind the school. In our branding, we focused on the faces of the students, and in our copy, we bent the ear of donors by telling a story of transformation rather than gearing the entire site to parents and quoting “facts” about the school. This approach immediately set the school apart in its mission and education offerings.

The board, staff and parents of New Hope embraced the new logo and branding. The website became easy to navigate and could visually compete with other private schools in the area. Through design and copy, we told the story in a way that helped donors and potential parents immediately connect with the New Hope mission and get behind its vision.

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