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1. Keep It Sticky. Teach me something and I’ll stay awhile. Teach me continually and I’ll be sure to come back. Provide me with information (content) that is useful to me personally—not a 24/7 billboard about how awesome you are. I need high-quality content and useful information. From there, our relationship may grow to a deeper conversation and deeper trust. Excellent content is king.

2. Be Search Engine Friendly. Take the time to learn about SEO or hire a professional. Poor website SEO is like putting a shingle up in a cave—no one will know you are there. Feed your site fresh content. Yes, on top of your day job, you have to post fresh content to your website either in news items, updated work, or a blog post. If your site is sleepy two things happen. 1. Google loses interest and your SEO plummets. 2. Customers think you are lazy/not current. Here’s a quick crash course on how to plug some basic SEO into your site.

3. Plug In Google Analytics. This is a free, easy program to plug into any site. Know what pages are attracting search engines and potential customers. Rearrange or improve your SEO and content from there continually. Check your analytics weekly and make revisions.

4. Get Socially Amped. Your site must include ways for your visitors to go deeper in relationship with you. Do this with a blog, social network buttons (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), an email subscription, RSS button, Facebook “like” button, re-tweet & share buttons for social bookmarking.

5. Invest in Professional Design. Don’t skimp here or your business will never grow beyond your circle of friends and family. Design for your industry’s culture not for your personal taste (just because you love pink, doesn’t mean it should show up on your site unless it’s relevant to the product or topic). Research other award-winning sites. Stay relevant by choosing a design firmwith a proven track record.

Here’s are just a few of the sites Birdsong Creative has created for our clients: Community Church of Hendersonville, New Hope Academy, Wedding 101, @stickyJesus.

What’s the biggest challege you have right now with your website?

Toni Birdsong

Toni Birdsong is a communications strategist at Birdsong Creative. She oversees marketing strategy, copywriting, and social media for Birdsong clients. She is a the author of More than a Bucket List and co-author of @stickyJesus. She's also a Family Safety blogger for McAfee.

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